Class Descriptions

Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement
We are often unaware of the stress in our body. This translate in muscular patterns that, eventually, brings pain and discomfort and limits our movements. Your awareness is a powerful key you can put to good use to increase the quality of your life. Classes of Awareness Through Movement will help you create clearer connections between your mind and your body. As you enter into guided gentle movement explorations, you will be surprised at the increased ease and mobility you can achieve and the well-being you can (re)discover. Taught by Isel.

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy, elegant.”  – Moshe Feldenkrais

This methodology systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises. This movement stimulates the body’s internal organs and different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated. Taught by Ann.

Hatha Yoga
A traditional yoga practice focused on conscious movement, breath, and meditation practice. Taught by Bashiran.

Mindfulness Meditation Support Group
This group is open to anyone interested in practicing meditation and also having a space to share what it is that comes up during sitting. No experience with meditation is required. We will discuss as a group how mindfulness applies specifically to the issue that you share. This is a donation-based group, with suggested donations between $5-$15 dollars. For more information visit This group is organized by Middle Way Health and led by Patrick M. Nitch, M.Ed, PCCI.

Here is a look at the general format of the group:

  • Theory (mindfulness instruction and discussion)
  • Practice (silent or partial guided meditation)
  • Process (what are you bringing to the cushion?)

Roll, Release & Restore
By focusing on developing strength, flexibility, and coordination while improving postural alignment, these mat-based therapeutic exercise and myofascial release classes are designed to increase functional movement patterns, improve posture, stability, balance, increase lung capacity, and develop core strength. You will learn to work the deep musculature of the body to stabilize and support the spine by combining Pilates mat, Somatic Integration, and small portable equipment such as various therapy balls, stability trainer, and foam rollers. Taught by Ann.

Beneficial for and adapted to all fitness levels. Suitable for Seniors, those with fibromyalgia, and many chronic pain conditions.

Mindful Movement
A weekly class focused on stretching, breathing, and rolling massage to counteract tension in the body. This class is designed to bring new awareness to the body and create better habits that bring ease and lightness to the body. Taught by Morgan.

Tai Chi – Qi Gong
For thousands of years people have enjoyed the life enhancing benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  These slow moving practices strengthen muscles, improve circulation and balance, increase energy and enrich overall health.

Feel stronger, balanced, energized with simple, easy motions.  All the benefits of a workout  — without all the work! For more information visit

Qigong for Health & Wellness
In this class, instructor Robert Nakashima of Inner Circle Tai Chi will lead students through a traditional series of preparatory movements, standing and seated Qigong practices and a meditative walking method that can be customized to address individual health needs. This class is perfect for those wishing for a simple, accessible introduction to the extraordinary, life-enhancing benefits of Qigong. This class is offered on a sliding scale from $10-$20. This class is organized by Middle Way Health and led by Robert Nakashima.

MELT Method
This all-levels class uses specialized soft body rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls to hydrate connective tissue. You can relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living, reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better. The MELT Method has been featured on the Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray Shows, as well as being a best-selling book. Participants must be comfortable enough to get on and off the floor and roller, and be able to lie onthe floor on their backs for short periods of time. If pain or restricted movement makes this difficult, a private class is recommended. Please register at For questions email