Simple Human Studios’ mission is to create healthy bodies and happy people through education, movement, and play.  The owner, Morgan Perry, has a unique view of how movement should be integrated into our lives.  Functional strength and easeful movement are the goals of any class she teaches. Unlike traditional programs that teach exercises to strengthen muscle groups, classes at Simple Human Studios strive to reach beyond that by integrating movement, deep release work, and education to create functional strength more powerful than your ability to do repetitions and routines.

The name Simple Human Studios stems from the belief that all things in life should be simple, even the movements of our body. Effort and strain in movement is not a necessary evil on the path to strength, and, in fact, is often times a hinderance in long term health. Our body is designed to be efficient, and by understanding this through both our physical experience and our intellectual selves, we can begin to understand where things go awry.  We can step out of our own way and let the simple beauty and intelligence of our body shine through.

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